New Fonts

I had to find a “warm and cozy” font for a client and all of these came to mind, in addition to the  most perfect serif font I’ve ever seen. Garamond has been put on back hold for now.

warm fonts


Here are the links to download: Christmas   Blanket    Holidays    Ornaments    December



SAGA + PrintMakeIt Workshop!SCREEN-PRINT-WORKSHOP-SAGA/clo4/F8FDB15D-4D57-4503-A136-C7439DEDA7EF

Last night for UNLV’s SAGA (Student Association of Graphic Artists) organization, I had the opportunity to be a part of a screen printing workshop by PrintMakeIt. The workshop consisted of basic screen printing demonstrations, t-shirt printing, and split fountain inks passes. Here are some pictures from it:

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset unnamed-2unnamed

Web Design – Coding and CSS

About 6 years ago, I took on multiple classes in college and it just so happened that a lot of the same classes for a web design degree, were the same as the graphic design program. I’m not really sure why I didn’t finish but I was two classes shy of getting my web design degree. By the time I had the time to go back to school, I had already forgotten everything I learned about web design. As the saying goes “If you don’t use it, you lose it”.  I was so determined to re-learn it but never found the time and now, I had some time to re-learn the basics. Thanks to codecadamy, here is my result:

Webpage from scratch

Double Exposure in Photoshop

As you might have seen in the past on my website, I created a few double exposure photos in photoshop. Today, I created another one but I did it a little differently. The past ones, I did not cut the background from the image of the people so therefore it left no white space as a background. I love the effect of this one because the main focus is just on the girl.

I also got the images from check them out, high quality images for free :)




Save the date invitations

Here are some simple save the date invitations I made. It was a little hard to re arrange the front with that many pictures and to also include readable text but I managed and it came out great!10671445_844252378919250_7674568173876778353_n

iPhone Photography

North Dakota is one of my favorite places to visit. Everytime I go back, I always see the most beautiful trees, wildlife and scenery. I ended up taking a few pictures and this was my result. And yes, they are both taken with and edited with my iPhone!

North Dakota iPhone Photography

Yummy Donut in Photoshop

Looks good enough to eat! Which is exactly what I had to do once I was done making this. Went and got 6 donuts all for myself!



Massimo Vignelli Typographic Poster

Per the passing of the Grandfather of Graphic Design, Massimo Vignelli, I decided to make a typographic poster of one of my favorite quotes by him.

The full quote is actually “The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Just like a doctor fights against disease. For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with design”.

Hope you enjoy!


Designing a Creative Coffee Meetup Poster

Check out this awesome poster design tutorial created by Jo Fallon. I love all the handwritten and vintage elements in this tutorial.

Here’s my version:


Just Smile

A daily reminder for all of us. An image I made for fun involving photo editing and messing around with photoshop.